Top 10 Tech Blogs To Follow In 2021

In the technology industry, innovation is constantly happening. People are becoming more aware of the revolution triggered by new technologies and digitization. Technology has become as much a necessity as a fashion statement.

The market for new technologies needs to be understood by everyone, whether planning a startup or seeking alternative income.

You can stay informed of the latest innovations by following these top blog platforms:


In 2005, Michael Arrington founded this American website, which was later acquired by AOL for $25 million. It has consistently ranked among the top sites in covering tech topics over the years. Each week, they do investor surveys, provide daily private market analysis, interview experts on raising funds and growth, and provide tips on how you can build your team given today’s market conditions.

Next Gen Hero

Next Gen Hero is an emerging global media outlet that strives to provide its audience with high-quality and in-depth content on Technology, Finance, Digital marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Startups. The organization aims to provide its users with the latest news on the most recent development in the field of technology and to showcase latest trends from the world of entrepreneurship.


The platform was founded by Pete Cashmoreg in 2005 and has since become a global platform for multimedia and entertainment. For its global audience, it serves as a platform for entertainment and digital content. It contains a lot of information about technology trends in the movie and entertainment industries.


A business news platform founded by Kara Swisher in 2014 and now owned by VOX Media, Recode aims to provide news and commentary on Silicon Valley-based companies. Many of the top journalists and media personalities in this market review and give consideration to the articles and blogs on this media. You can keep up to date with how technology changes and how it should evolve through this platform.


Louis Rossetto & Jane Metcalfe started this blog in 1993 and have focused primarily on how these new emerging technologies affect culture, economics, and politics. It regularly discusses future trends and current issues in detail.


Gizmodo is a source of breaking news, products, services, apps, and technology for the 21st century. Since its launch in 2001 by Pete Rojas, Gizmodo has grown to become a leading tech-centric multimedia company which is why more than 18.6 Million users visit it every month.

The Verge

Founded by Josh Topolsky, Jim Bankoff, and Marty Moe in 2011, this site aims to focus on how technology can impact the lives of ordinary people and what can be expected from the industry in the future. VOX Media publication also has a holding of this site and posts feature stories, podcasts, and guidebooks on the site. This site also allows personalized perspectives based on their viewer’s choices.


Founded in 1994 by Halsey Minor & Shelby Bonnie, the site traces all technological advances in Consumer Technology. Viewers are informed of how these new technologies can simplify life. Additionally, it includes information on devices and technologies that are available for purchase.


Om Malik founded the site in 2006, which receives more than 7 million hits per month. Their focus is on how technology and innovation have changed the world. IoT, cloud services, etc., are the main topics covered here.


This website began its voyage as a news organization founded by Pete Rojas in 2004. The platform features posts about movies, games, etc. In addition, they keep users updated by providing hardware updates, NASA technologies, and new tech gadgets.

In today’s world of rapid technological change, finding relevant content is nearly impossible. Blogs that explain and use these technologies can save users time and money. We hope you found the right blog for you.



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